Chem-Tek offers a large variety of corrosion resistant PVC and Fiberglass fans. Our PVC and Fiberglass Centrifugal Fans are produced in 20 standard sizes with wheel diameters ranging from 12" to 80", allowing our fans to produce volumes from 400 to 150,000 CFM. 

Key Features: Heavy gauge steel platform, formed inlet cone, full FRP resin fan wheel, 3/4" thick inlet and outlet flange, stainless steel hardware used to mount housing to fan platform, no hardware exposure in the air stream and heavy gauge belt and shaft guard. 
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Centrifugal Fans available in 5 sizes from 5” up to 12” inlet. Designed to exhaust fumes from highly corrosive environments such as laboratories, chemical plants, hospitals, universities, etc. The all-polypropylene construction and thick walls ensure maximum protection against acids and corrosion.

Designed to exhaust fumes from highly corrosive environments with 3 sizes available from 3” to 6” inlet/outlet. It is an excellent system for Scrubber Applications and other systems requiring low airflow at higher static pressure. Suitable for many applications such as acid tank ventilation, hood exhaust, commercial washers wastewater, chemical cabinets/rooms, etc.
      (Centrifugal Fans)

Inline centrifugal fan from 6" up to 10" inlet. Mounted on a roof curb or a Inline, JET fans generate a high plume exhaust to ensure maximum dilution of gases in the environment. Smooth and quiet performance. Ideal for water treatment plants and fume hood exhaust applications.
(Inline Centrifugal Fans)

Stainless Steel Blower Series.



These blowers are excellent for aggressive applications where blowers can corrode.
While metal blowers rely on protective coatings that develop pinholes and pores, these Norton plastic lab blowers are proven performers in many tough applications such as lab hoods and cabinets, metal finishing, electronics and chip manufacturing, small-scale chemical manufacturing, water/waste treatment and precious metal recovery.

• All-plastic construction.
• Housings made of PVC with your choice of Polypropylene or   PVC impeller wheel providing excellent corrosion resistance.
• No exposed metal in the air stream.
• No coatings that can develop pinholes or pores.
• Imbedded steel housing reinforcement for safety.
• Low noise level.


Laboratory hood, air flow monitors and controls

We carry a full line of accessories for our fans, including manual dampers, backdraft dampers, reducers, flex connections, motor covers, disconnect switches, etc.

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